Uji Coba 2 Ujian Nasional 'Bahasa Inggris' Tahun Pelajaran 2011/2012


Mata Pelajaran          : BAHASA INGGRIS
Jenjang                       : SMA/MA
Program Studi            : IPA/IPS/BAHASA


Hari/Tanggal              :  
Jam                             :  

                                                               PETUNJUK UMUM

1.     Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam lembar Jawaban Ujian Nasional (LJUN) yang terssedia dengan menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk di LJUN.
2.     Hitamkan bulatan di depan nama mata ujian pada LJUN
3.     Tersedia waktu 120 menit untuk mengerjakan paket tes tersebut.
4.     Jumlah soal sebanyak 50 butir, pada setiap butir terdapat 5 (lima) pilihan jawaban
5.     Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya.
6.     Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap.
7.     Tidak diizinkan menggunakan kalkulator, HP, table matematika atau alat bantu hitung lainnya.
8.     Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas ujian.
9.     Lembar soal boleh dicorat-coret untuk mengerjakan hitungan.

Listening Section

In this section of the test, you will have a chance to show how well you understand spoken English. There are four parts for this section, with special directions for each part.

Question: 1 to 4
Direction: In this part of the test you will hear some dialogues or questions spoken in English. The dialogues or questions will be spoken twice. They will not be printed in your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you listen to a dialogue or the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard. Now listen to a sample question.

You will hear:
Man                 : What would you like to order, Ma’am?
Woman           : Fried rice and iced tea, please.

You will also hear:
Narrator          : Where does the dialog mostly take place?
You will read in your test book:
A.    At home
B.    At school
C.    At a store
D.    At a restaurant
E.     At the post office                                                 Sample answer
                                                                   A       B      C     D       E

The best answer to the question “where does the dialog mostly take place? Is choice (D), “At a restaurant.” Therefore, you should answer choice (D).

1.     A.  An important letter
B.  A received letter
C.  The post office
D.  Wrong address
E.   Lost address

2.     A. Watch TV
B.  Go home late
C.  Broadcast on TV
D.  Go to the concert
E.   Watch the concert live on TV

3.     A. she has been sick.
B.  The costume is not ready.
C.  She will go with the doctor.
D.  The costumer is not coming.
E.   She is going to meet a doctor

4.     A.   A college student
B.    An Old book seller
C.    An Book keeper
D.    A Shop keeper
E.     A Librarian

Questions: 5 to 7
Direction: In this part of the test you will hear some incomplete dialogues spoken in English, followed by four responses, also spoken in English.  The dialogue and responses will be spoken twice. They will not be printed on your test sheet, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers are saying. You have to choose the best response to each question.

Man                 :  What about watching “ Jurassic Park “ at the Plaza Theatre ?
Woman           : …

Narrator : What will the woman most likely reply?
A.    I am really satisfied.
B.    That’s a good idea.                                Sample answer
C.    I have nothing to say.                                                    
D.    Excellent job.
E.     I will go to mall.                               A         B     C       D       E
Narrator  :  The best answer to the question  is ”That’s a good idea”.  Therefore, you should    choose answer B.

5.     Mark the answer on your answer sheet.
6.     Mark the answer on your answer sheet.
7.     Mark the answer on your answer sheet.
8.     Mark the answer on your answer sheet.

Questions: 9 to 11
Direction: In this part of the test you will hear some dialogues or monolog spoken in English. The dialogues or monolog will be spoken two times. They will not be printed on your test book, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you listen to a dialogue or a monolog, notice the five pictures and decide which one goes to the dialogue or monolog you have heard.

29243 - Classicor 12' Open Fry Pan with Eclipse Nonstick.jpg
Souce pan.jpg

                            1                                                        2                                                          3
Double broiler.jpg

4                                                               5
9.     A.   1
B.     2
C.     3
D.    4
E.     5

Orchid 3.jpg

1                                        2                               3                                  4                          5

10.  A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
rice field.jpg
cycling 4.jpg
E. 5

1                                            2                          3                                   4                   5

11.  A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5

Questions: 12 to 15
Direction: In this part of the test you will hear several monologs. Each monolog will be spoken two times. They will not be printed in your test sheet, so you must listen carefully to understand what the speakers say. After you hear a monolog or the question about it, read the five possible answers and decide which one would be the best answer to the question you have heard.

12.  A. A lucky dog
B.  The baby’s dog
C.  The baby’s clothes
D.  An incredible rescue
E.   A 3-month-old baby

13.  A.  Srinarti
B.  Residents
C.  Witnesses
D.  A Reporter
E.  A Baby’s dog

14.  A.  Red
B.    Blue
C.    Green
D.    Purple
E.     Yellow

15.  A. By ripples
B.  By particles
C.  By red algae
D.  By hydrogen
E.   By the oxygen

This is the end of listening sectio
Reading and writing Section (no 16 – 50)

The following text is for questions 16 to 18.

Hi Bruce!
I am sorry. I recently tried to call you but was unable to get a hold of you. I wanted to give you the information you requested about earning extra income from home.
I need you to call me back in my home office at 021-7303841 or reply to this e-mail with 2 days/ times to reach you.
I’m looking forwards to showing you business that not only makes, but it works.
Standing by and wishing you well
John Adam

16.  What is the text about?
  1. Earning extra income from home.
  2. Giving the information to Bruce.
  3. Sorry to have missed Bruce.
  4. Replying to John’s e-mail.
  5. Showing the business.

17.  “I wanted to give you the information you requested about earning extra income from home.”
The word “I” refers to ….
  1. the sender
  2. John Adam
  3. the reader
  4. the writer
  5. Bruce

18.   “I’m looking forwards to showing you business that not only makes, but it works.”
The underlined words mean ….
  1. waiting for a while
  2. looking a head
  3. waiting for
  4. looking at
  5. giving to

The following text is for questions 19 to 20.

                                                                                    Gardens by Hok
                                                                                    PO Box 687
                                                                                    1103 Jakarta
                                                                                     December 29, 2008
Guy Williams
Landscape Design Magazine
Ottho Hendringstraat 2
1066 AZ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Dear Mr. Williams,
         Thank you for sending the advertising information. We have decided not place an ad in the December issue, but we will consider placing one in the next issue in March.
         We will be in touch. Again thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

Sov Hok
Landscape Architect

19.  What is the letter about?
  1. Informing the absence of an ad
  2. Designing skyscrapers.
  3. Selling advertising.
  4. Designing gardens.
  5. Marketing.
20.  Why did Mr. Hok write this letter?
  1. To say he was not interested in placing an ad now.
  2. To ask Mr. Williams for a subscription.
  3. To place an ad in December.
  4. To get the information.
  5. To get a job.

The following text is for questions 21 to 23.


E1 Corporation, a LPG business leader in Japan is seeking experienced and competent local staff for LPG DOWNSTREAM BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT for its Jakarta Representative Office, with the requirement of:

Ø  Male or Female
Ø  Minimum Bachelor Degree
Ø  Experienced in oil and gas industry in Indonesia (preferred local marketing of oil and gas products, but not a must).
Ø  Excellent in English both spoken and written.

Please send full details of your qualification, working experiences, a current photograph, as well as expected salary not later than March 15, 2011 via E-mail to: yan@japanese.co.id or to

Jakarta Stock Exchange Building
17th Floor Tower 2
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-53. Jakarta 12190

21.  A part from being experience on the field and proficient in English, a candidate must ….
  1. be male
  2. be female
  3. be honest                                
  4. be a foreigner
  5. hold an S1 diploma

22.  The text is mainly concerned with ….
  1. experiencing the candidate of a LPG business development
  2. advertising the staff of a LPG business development
  3. announcing the staff of a LPG business leader
  4. recruiting the staff of a LPG business leader
  5. selecting the staff for a LPG company

23.  “… as well as expected salary not later than September 15,  2006…”
     The underlined phrase can be replaced by ….
  1. and
  2. though
  3. moreover                                           
  4. however
  5. although

The following text is for questions 24 to 26.

Faraday studied the magnetic field around a conductor carrying a DC electric current. While conducting these studies, Faraday established the basis for the electromagnetic field concept in physics, subsequently enlarged upon by James Maxwell. He similarly discovered electromagnetic induction, diamagnetism, and laws of electrolysis. He established that magnetism could affect rays of light and that there was an underlying relationship between the two phenomena. His inventions of electromagnetic rotary devices formed the foundation of electric motor technology, and it was largely due to his efforts that electricity became viable for use in technology.
As a chemist, Michael Faraday discovered benzene, investigated the clathrate hydrate of chlorine, invented an early form of the Bunsen burner and the system of oxidation numbers, and popularized terminology such as anode, cathode, electrode, and ion.
Although Faraday received little formal education and knew little of higher mathematics, such as calculus, he was one of the most influential scientists in history. Historians of science refer to him as the best experimentalist in the history of science. The SI unit of capacitance, the farad, is named after him, as is the Faraday constant, the charge on a mole of electrons (about 96,485 coulombs). Faraday's law of induction states that magnetic flux changing in time creates a proportional electromotive force.
Faraday was the first and foremost Fullerian Professor of Chemistry at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, a position to which he was appointed for life.
Albert Einstein kept a photograph of Faraday on his study wall alongside pictures of Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.
Faraday was highly religious. He was a member of the Sandemanian Church, a Christian sect founded in 1730 that demanded total faith and commitment. Biographers have noted that a strong sense of the unity of God and nature pervaded Faraday's life and work.

24.  What was Michael Faraday expert?
  1. science, history and religion
  2. chemistry, electricity and calculus
  3. electronic, technology and religion
  4. chemistry, physic and mathematics
  5. physic, technology and photography

25.  The main idea of the first paragraph is ….
  1. Faraday and James found the electromagnetic
  2. James invented the motor technology
  3. Faraday found the motor technology
  4. James discovered the diamagnetic
  5. Faraday found the electromagnetic

26.  Which of the following statements closely relates to Michael Faraday?
  1. Michael Faraday dedicated his life in science and religion.
  2. Michael Faraday was downhearted his life in science.
  3. Michael Faraday concentrated his life in technology.
  4. Michael Faraday was one of successful scientists.
  5. Michael Faraday poured his science in technology.

The following text is for questions 27 to 28.


An auction for the estate of
Raul Diega
Will be held on

Thursday, March 10, at 11.00 A.M.
(Preview starts at 10.00 A.M.)

Location: Bintaro Jaya, South Jakarta

Some of the items to be auctioned:
§ 2004 Mercedes
§ China and crystal
§ Oriental rugs
§ Jewelry
§ Stamp collection

                                                              Please call Estate Planners at 778-009
                                                              Between noon and 5 P.M.

27.  What announcement is mainly concerned?
  1. A sale.
  2. A show.
  3. A fun racer.
  4. A fund-raiser.
  5. A store opening.

28.  Which of the following items will be auctioned?
They are …
  1. Wall-to-wall carpeting.
  2. Chinese antiques.
  3. Antique cars.
  4. Rare books.
  5. Bracelets.

The following text is for questions 29 to 32.

    Bees are insects. There are about 20,000 species or kinds of bees. They live everywhere in the world except on high mountains, in the Arctic and Antarctic, and on some small islands in the ocean.
    Some bees are as small as 0,08 inch (2 millimeters). However, some bees are as big as 1,6 inches (4 centimeters). Bees come in many colors, black, grey, yellow, red, green or blue. Most bees live alone. They are called solitary bees. Meanwhile, some bees live in groups called colonies. They are social bees.
    Bees have three pairs of legs and four wings. Like all insects, they have a head, chest, and abdomen. They have mouthparts and a tongue for collecting nectar. They carry nectar in an organ called a honey stomach.
    Moreover, bees have special wings that enable them to fly like a helicopter. They can fly backward, forward, sideways, or stay in one place in the air.
    In addition, bees have three regular eyes and two compound eyes that have many lenses. Furthermore, bees can see colors and patterns. This helps them find flowers.

29.  The text above tells us about…
  1. Bees are in many colors
  2. General characteristics of bees
  3. Special characteristics of bees
  4. The total number of bees in the world
  5. All insects have a head, chest and abdomen

30.  What is the function of a honey stomach?
  1. To stay in one place in the air
  2. To carry nectar in an organ
  3. To fly like a helicopter
  4. To see colors and patterns
  5. To help bees find flowers

31.  The purpose of the text is
  1. To give information about the whole kinds of  bees
  2. To entertain that lenses can see colors and patterns
  3. To tell the readers that bees have 3 pairs of legs
  4. To explain the process how to become bees
  5. To classify the insects in the world

32.  What is special about bees’ wings?
  1. They can carry nectar
  2. They can use them as radars
  3. They can fly like a helicopter
  4. They are similar to bird’s wings
  5. They can find flowers themselves

The following text is for questions 33 to 36.

    Enter the Valley of the Mighty Amazon River and you see the world’s largest tropical rain forest. From the river, the trees that line the banks appear endless and boring, but once you step ashore this feeling of monotony vanishes.
     In this humid jungle country that botanists call the rain forest, there is rain almost everyday of the year. At noon, the sun’s burning rays strike directly down. The warm air rises, carrying water vapor with it. High above the tallest treetops, the air begins to cool and clouds form. They pile into masses and grow darker. The sky takes on a yellow tinge and the whole earth seems to hold its breath. A strange feeling of danger takes hold everywhere. Then, the clouds burst and rain pours down in solid sheets.
     Throughout the day, the great forest seems silent. It is only if you listen carefully that you can hear the rustling of tiny creatures all around you. The incessant whine of mosquitoes soon becomes familiar.
     But at dusk, the sleeping forest stirs. Monkeys known as red howlers start an uproar that makes your scalp tingle when you experience it for the first time. Hearing red howlers, smaller monkeys screech and chatter. Then macaws and parrots squawk, and toucans yell.

33.  What is the suitable title for the text above?
  1. Rain Forest
  2. Jungle Lives
  3. Red Howlers
  4. Amazon River
  5. Tiny Creatures

34.  What strike directly down in the rain forest at noon?
  1. Cool air
  2. Water vapor
  3. The warm air
  4. A yellow tinge
  5. The hot sunlight

35.  What can you hear throughout the day in the great silent forest?
  1. Red Howlers
  2. Parrots squawk
  3. Monkeys screeching
  4. A strange feeling of danger
  5. Rustling of tiny creatures

36.  But at dusk, the sleeping forest stirs.
The meaning of “stirs” is…
  1. Moves
  2. Rests
  3. Gets busy
  4. Feels excited
  5. Gives no sign

The following text is for questions 37 to 39.

The term of “tsunami” comes from the Japanese which means harbor ("tsu") and wave ("nami"). A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or a sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale.
A tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and vertically displaces the overlying water. Such large vertical movements of the earth's crust can occur at plate boundaries.
Sub-duct ion of earthquakes is particularly effective in generating tsunami and occurs where denser oceanic plates slip under continental plates. As the displaced water mass moves under the influence of gravity to regain its equilibrium, it radiates across the ocean like ripples on a pond.
Tsunami always brings great damage. Most of the damage is caused by the huge mass of water behind the initial wave front, as the height of the sea keeps rising fast and floods powerfully into the coastal area.

37.  What is the effect of tsunami?
  1. Influencing overlying water
  2. Making nature of the sea
  3. Bringing great damage.
  4. Reducing floods
  5. Balancing gravity

38.  The text above mainly talks about ….
  1. the phenomena of tsunami
  2. the definition of tsunami
  3. the meaning of tsunami
  4. the process of tsunami
  5. the danger of tsunami

39.  How can tsunami happen?
  1. When waves generated and water is rapidly displaced on a massive scale.
  2. When the displaced water mass moves under the influence of gravity.
  3. When the sea floor deforms and displaces the overlying water.
  4. When denser oceanic plates slip under continental plates.
  5. When the huge mass of water behind the initial wave.

The following text is for questions 40 to 42.

Fast food nowadays is considered a normal eating venture. People are not just eating out on special occasions or weekends anymore. It means that all the time they mostly eat fast foods. However, is fast food good for health?
Fast food has its popularity in the 1940’s. Within a few years, fast-food operations popped up everywhere. With the compelling rise in fast-food restaurants since the 1940’s, oddly it started the rise in obesity and cancer during that same time period.
Fast food is highly processed with a wide array of additives. To ensure fast food’s low cost, the fast food products are made with highly-processed ingredients to give it shelf-life, to hold consistency, and to enhance flavor. Fast food is altered from its original healthy form.
It is not the calories in fast food which damage health and waistline. It is the chemical additives such as aspartame and MSG (monosodium glutamate). Studies show that the chemical additives lead to weight and disease issues.
So, there is absolutely nothing nutritional about fast food. Fast food simply feeds hunger and craving.

40.  Fast food’s substance can affect the health is ….
  1. aspartame      
  2. nutritious
  3. additives
  4. calories
  5. array

41.  The text above mainly talks about….
  1. the healthy fast food
  2. the popular fast food
  3. the effect of fast food
  4. the unhealthy fast food
  5. the negative effect of fast food

42.  The paragraph 2 tells us about ….
  1. the effect of fast food
  2. the history of fast food
  3. the benefit of fast food
  4. the strange of fast food
  5. the popularity of fast food

The following text is for questions 43 to 45.

2012 film is Roland Emmerich's film which uses the Mayan calendar and other end-of-days prophecies for their doomsday scenario. It imagines the world coming to an end in 2012.
2012 film brings off a series of wonders. The movie hits its peak early on. It starts when Cusack drives a limo through the streets of Los Angeles as freeways and skyscrapers crumble all around him from the shock of a 10.5 earthquake. The preposterous flying sequence is equally thrilling. The climax occurs aboard the giant ark, when an equipment malfunction almost threatens the entire mission.
Unfortunately, the crucial sequence is not filmed or edited with the requisite clarity. In 2012 film, Emmerich leaves us befuddled as to exactly what is happening to whom. However, Emmerich' 2012 deserves credit for offbeat casting. Cusack supplies his trademark hangdog charm. McCarthy has perhaps his best role ever as Peet's cocky. Danny Glover lends dignity to the role of the tormented president. Chiwetel Ejiofor, as the chief scientist, brings a moving sense of anguish to a stock role. Platt has fun playing the villain of the piece, and Woody Harrelson also chews the scenery as a bug-eyed radio prophet trying to warn his listeners about Armageddon.
All in one, 2012's cinematography, production design and visual effects are awards-worthy. Music also propels the movie. It presents American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert, who provides a rousing anthem over the end credits.

43.  The producer of 2010 film ….
  1. Danny Glover
  2. Chiwetel Ejiofor
  3. Woody Harrelson
  4. Adam Lambert
  5. Ronald Emmerich

44.  The text is about ….
  1. 2012 film display
  2. A series of 2012 film
  3. 2012's cinematography
  4. Roland Emmerich's film
  5. American Idol runner-up

45.  How many characters get involved in 2012’film?
There are ….
  1. 5 people
  2. 6 people
  3. 7 people
  4. 8 people
  5. 9 people
46.  Arrange the jumbled sentences into a good paragraph.
1.     They were painters of the Stone Age.
2.     They also painted animals like deer or wild oxen.
3.     They lived in caves and they painted the walls of their caves
4.     They used paiting to communicate with others because they could not write.
5.     Ancient painters worked over 20,000 years ago.
  1. 1-5-2-4-3
  2. 5-1-3-2-4
  3. 2-1-4-3-5
  4. 5-3-1-4-2
  5. 3-5-1-4-2

47.  Arrange the words into a good cauntion.
awaythe partstaplesare coming outkeepyour fingerswherefrom
         1            2             3                    4                  5                6                7          8

  1. 5-2-1-8-6-7-3-4
  2. 5-6-1-8-2-7-3-4
  3. 5-3-8-1-4-2-7-6
  4. 5-1-7-2-3-4-8-6
  5. 5-7-1-2-3-4-8-6

Choose the suitable word to complete the paragraph.

Life in the countryside is more relaxed than in the city. You can wake up in the morning and have a nice ... (48). You live on a farm. You work on the farm. You are a farmer. You do not have to run out of your house and ... (49) to get on the bus. You do not have to fight to get on a ... (50) bus for an hour.


  1. breakfast
  2. lunch
  3. dinner
  4. supper
  5. breakfest


  1. call
  2. order
  3. queue
  4. cancel
  5. setup


  1. slow
  2. fast
  3. empty
  4. crowd
  5. crowded

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Tahun Pelajaran 2011/2012


Mata Pelajaran :     BAHASA INGGRIS

Satuan Pendidikan:    SMA/MA